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air conditioning Wellingborough

Air conditioning Wellingborough

Has your aircon gone haywire? Are you getting cold air when you want it warm, and vice versa? Well then, you’ve come to the right place!

Air conditioning isn’t just a simple luxury for drivers and passengers to keep warm or stay cool – though that’s one added bonus. The air con and heating system are essential for maintaining parts and systems which your vehicle relies on, protecting them from freezing or overheating.

SB Autocare provides the highest quality air conditioning in Wellingborough for all manual, automatic, hybrid, and electric vehicles.

Call SB Autocare today for air conditioning in Wellingborough. 

air conditioning Wellingborough

Why Choose SB Autocare?

Our technicians have over 28 years’ experience in the field. We know that repairs can be a hassle – but rest assured we get you back on the road without a hitch.

We guarantee a no quibble, first-time fix. We want you to get the most out of your car – so choose SB Autocare for the best car care. 

Air Conditioning Wellingborough

What’s an air con service?

An air con service is a review of your vehicle’s full air conditioning system. This includes fluids, wiring, the condenser, and more. 

When you choose SB Autocare for your air conditioning in Wellingborough, we complete a thorough inspection of your air con system, looking at each part to make sure it’s working exactly as it should.

And if we find anything that isn’t right, we repair this straight away – as long as you’re happy to go ahead with the recommended works. 

What’s an air con regas?

Your air con system runs on a liquid known as refrigerant, which is used when you need cold air.  Over time, the level of refrigerant reduces, making your aircon less effective.

A regular regas restocks the refrigerant, so the system works as it should.

We offer the best value air con regas in Wellingborough, and it’s covered in our routine maintenance service. 

How much is a re-gas / air con service?

Prices for standalone aircon regas and servicing vary depending on the make and size of your vehicle. Contact the team today and we’ll happily provide a quote for air conditioning in Wellingborough.  

Why does my air con blow warm air?

The aircon unit is one of the most complex systems in your car. When it’s blowing warm air, the cause could be a number of reasons.

It may be something as simple as the system being low on refrigerant or it could be something more problematic, such as a broken return duct or compressor. Whatever it is, it needs checking.

Come and see us for air conditioning in Wellingborough.

Will you check my air con for free?

Absolutely. We offer a free air conditioning efficiency check to make sure everything is running properly.

If we discover anything amiss, we can service it immediately – but we notify you of any repairs we recommend first, to make sure you’re happy with it. 

For an individual assessment, contact the team today for more information.

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