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car repair wellingborough

Car Repair wellingborough

Struggling with niggly, repeat repairs? Thought you fixed the problem, but it just keeps popping up? Look no further than SB Autocare for your car repair in Wellingborough.

We’re the market-leading local garage for all car repairs, servicing, and MOT. When you come to us for a repair, we deliver a first-time fix. No cutting corners. No hidden costs. Just highly skilled mechanics, here to ensure you and your family stay safe on the roads. 

We’re committed to delivering a tailored maintenance plan for your needs, to keep your car running at peak performance and prevent those unnecessary repairs. With our expertise and skills, we guarantee to save you time, and money. 

What are you waiting for? Call SB Autocare for your car repair in Wellingborough today.

car repair wellingborough

Why choose SB Autocare for car repair?

Our technicians will tackle any job, big or small, with courtesy and professionalism.

We are part of the GroupAuto garage network for the UK’s most trusted and reliable garages –  so you know our car repair in Wellingborough already has the seal of approval. 

SB Autocare


Using diagnostics, we tap into your vehicle’s computer software – yep, it has it – to detect current problems in any part of the vehicle.

The system will also flag any repeated problems, which we prevent reoccurring. 


Brakes are essential for providing a safe stopping distance between you and any obstacles.

Nearly a quarter of all accidents result from poor brakes – so don’t become part of the statistics. Call us today for a quote.


The suspension is essential for protecting you, and the vehicle, from excessive shifts and sharp bumps, as well as providing steering and handling ability.

If your car doesn’t feel smooth to drive, call us for a review of your suspension in Wellingborough. 

Car repair Wellingborough


A flat battery is a surefire way to ruin your day – so don’t let it! Short fuses and other electrical faults have a negative impact on our battery.

If yours keeps running out of juice, then book in with SB Autocare for a swift assessment. 


Sensations such as ‘grinding’ or ‘crunching’ are a common clutch problem. If you feel like you’re missing gears all too often, then your clutch likely needs attention.

If left untreated, it causes nasty erosion on other parts of the gearbox, too. Call us today to arrange a review of your clutch in Wellingborough. 


he exhaust is crucial for keeping vehicles safe and in line with emissions standards – and excessive emissions can stop you passing your MOT.

When damaged or eroded, they also impact fuel efficiency and even acceleration. SB Autocare ensures your exhaust can withstand even the roughest terrain. 


A diesel particulate filter (DPF) is responsible for collecting soot, created when diesel is burned in your car engine.

This prevents harmful particles from being pumped out into the atmosphere and is a big factor in passing the emissions part of your MOT. Using diagnostics, we service all DPF models quickly and efficiently. 

Car repair Wellingborough


Problems with a single headlight are usually caused by the bulb alone. But, if both headlights or your internal lights are failing, it could be a circuit fault or something more severe, like corrosion.

Contact us today for a full lighting service with SB Autocare car repair Wellingborough. 

Car repair Wellingborough

Performance Brakes & Suspension

Want to feel like Lewis Hamilton when you drive? Then performance brakes & suspension are just the ticket.

Designed to withstand harsh driving conditions, this duo is more resistant to degradation and overheating, making them more durable. Call us today for more information.

Car Audio

We know that for most drivers, a super sound system makes the driving experience all the more exciting.

So when the system is down, the mood is too. But don’t fret! Our technicians are experts in all electronics, to make sure that the speakers, alarms, and horns are all up to scratch.

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