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Rushden Garage

Rushden Garage

Need a reliable garage for your repairs and MOT? Want a friendly, affordable car service? SB Autocare is one of the leading independent garages close to Rushden. Our people-first approach is what makes us different – and care is at the heart of everything we do.

We’re proud to be one of the longest-serving Rushden garages, having assisted the local community for over 15 years. Our technicians are some of the friendliest chaps you’ll meet, each offering expertise across all manual, hybrid, and electric vehicles.

And as the most competitive car garage for Rushden drivers, we won’t be beaten on price. 

Rushden Garage

Why choose SB Autocare?

At SB Autocare, we care for your car like it’s our own. We provide a fuss-free, friendly service, to help you make the most out of your car.

Our technicians are equipped to repair any make and model, and we have access to a great range of parts to keep you going with ease.

We also boast an MOT service which accommodates up to Class 7 vehicles. 

SB Autocare

MOT Rushden

Looking for a great value MOT in Rushden? At SB Autocare, we provide fixed-price MOTs for all vehicles up to Class 7.

So whether you use your vehicle for work or leisure, our local garage can accommodate any vehicle, big or small. And, our Automated Test lane only requires one technician – a swift, smooth service. 

Car Servicing Rushden

SB Autocare offers the highest quality car servicing in Rushden. We’re home to highly skilled mechanics, fully trained in servicing and repairs for all manual, automatic, electric, and hybrid vehicles.

We’re committed to providing a personal experience, with an efficient and transparent approach. We’re part of the GroupAuto garage network, so you know we’re a garage you can trust. 

Rushden Garage

Diagnostics Rushden

Using diagnostics, we tap into your vehicle’s computer software to detect recurrent problems in any part of the vehicle. Our technology is industry-grade and will find even the smallest faults.

And with our quality car servicing in Rushden, we prevent those niggly problems from coming back.

Brakes Rushden

Functional brakes ensure a safe stopping distance between you and any obstacles when you’re on the road. But faulty brakes are a big problem.

Nearly 25% of all car accidents result from poor brakes – don’t risk becoming part of the statistic. Call us today for a quote.

Rushden Garage

Suspension Rushden

The suspension isn’t just comfort for drivers and passengers – it’s also crucial for protecting the vehicle from shifts and bumps.

Suspension also provides you with steering and handling ability, so it’s important to maintain it to standard. If your car doesn’t offer a smooth ride, then give us a call.

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SB Autocare are here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. We’re here to help.

Rushden Garage

Batteries Rushden

If you keep experiencing a flat battery, chances are there’s an underlying fault somewhere else in your car.

With our excellent car servicing in Rushden, we’ll assess your vehicle for any corrosion, faulty wires, or leaks. And if a repair is needed, we’ll do it straight away.

Rushden Garage

Exhausts Rushden

A functioning exhaust is essential for keeping your vehicle safe by controlling the emissions released – and excessive emissions will prevent you passing your MOT.

When damaged or eroded, exhausts also impact fuel efficiency and even acceleration. With SB Autocare, we’ll ensure your exhaust can withstand even the roughest terrain.

Rushden Garage

Clutches Rushden

Do you ever feel crunching or hear whirring when you drive? That’s the sound of an unhappy clutch. And if left to its own devices, it could cause a great deal of damage to the gearbox.

If your clutch keeps jamming or you’re repeatedly missing a gear, then book in with SB Autocare for a swift assessment.

DPF Rushden

The government is cracking down on emissions, and the diesel particulate filter (DPF) plays an important role in line with the exhaust.

It is responsible for collecting soot created when diesel is burned in your car engine, preventing harmful particles from being pumped out into the atmosphere.

This component also needs to be up to standard to pass your MOT.

Lighting Rushden

Problems with a single headlight are usually caused by the bulb alone.

But, if both headlights or your internal lights are failing, it could be a circuit fault or something more severe, like corrosion.

Contact us today for a full lighting service. 

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SB Autocare are here to maintain your whole vehicle and keep you safe on the road. We’re here to help.

Performance Brakes & Suspension

Unlike other car garages in Rushden, we provide high-end performance brakes & suspension which rival the F1 supremes.

These robust components are designed to withstand even the harshest of drivers and terrain – so if you take long journeys or venture off-road, these are for you. Call us to find out more.

Car Audio Rushden

We know that for most drivers, a super sound system and access to the radio is key to contented car journeys.

So when the system fails, it’s a mood-killer. But fret not. Our technicians are experts in vehicle electronics – with our car servicing in Rushden, we make sure speakers and other audio such as alarms and horns are all up to scratch.

Additional Services

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If you’re looking for a Rushden garage, we are conveniently located just 15 minutes drive from Rushden, so you can easily get great service without having to drive out of your way.

Here’s our address to help you find us:

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