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Tyres Wellingborough

Does your car feel unsteady when you drive? Have you noticed uneven wear on your tyres? Then it sounds like your tyres need attention.

SB Autocare offers the most competitive service for quality and price for your tyres in Wellingborough.

Tyres are an essential part of forming a bond between you and the road. For your car to be safe, the tyres need to grip the road surface properly.

If you’re concerned about your tyre safety, call us today for a review. 

Tyres Wellingborough

Why choose SB Autocare?

At SB Autocare, our technicians are dedicated to ensuring you receive expert tyre care to keep your journeys as smooth and safe as possible.

We have 28 years’ experience in the field, and we’re part of the GroupAuto garage network.

We’re committed to providing quality tyres you can trust. And, we won’t be beaten on quality, or price.

SB Autocare
Tyres Wellingborough

Minimum Tyre Treads

In the UK, the legal minimum tread is 1.6 mm. For reference, this is approximately the depth of a 20p coin. You can check yours by placing a 20p coin into the lowest tread. If you can’t see the outer rim of the coin, it meets minimum standards. 

It’s important to note that this depth is required across at least 75% of each tyre, which isn’t always easy to assess by the untrained eye. 

Call us today to arrange an assessment of your tyres in Wellingborough.

Tyres Wellingborough

Recommended Tread levels

Whilst there is a legal minimum tread level, this is not the depth of tread which offers safety or performance.

Ideally, your tyres should remain no lower than 3mm. Any lower than this, tyres can’t disperse water to grip the road in wet weather.

Stopping distances also increase by nearly half when the tread is lower than 3mm – which means it would take the length of two cars for you to come to a complete halt.

Can you fit tyres while I wait? 

Absolutely! We have access to a great range of tyres for numerous makes and models, so we can have you back on the road in no time. 

Tyres Wellingborough

I've lost my locking wheel nut key

Locking wheel nuts have to be removed for new tyres to be fitted. And, the keys which remove the wheel nuts are tailored to each car. So if you’ve lost yours, you’ll struggle to replace a tyre when on the road.

There are alternative methods to remove your tyres, but please don’t resort to untrained DIY – as a reputable tyre dealer, we will show you the best way to remove your wheel nuts and change your tyres safely, without the wheel nut key. 

Tyres Wellingborough

What size of tyres I need?

Most tyres are printed with a serial number stating the size on the side of the wheel (the section known as the sidewall). This is the part facing towards you when you look at the tyre.

Whilst this is helpful when searching for new tyres, if you’ve purchased a pre-owned car then there’s no guarantee you have the correct tyre size fitted.

Contact us today and we can assess your tyre size for you.

I’ve damaged my wheel. Can you fix it?

Wheel damage is a big hindrance, but we can help. Our Wellingborough garage is ideally equipped to help with fixing your wheel. Bring your vehicle in and let us take a look.

How do I check my tyre pressure?

In order to check and measure tyre pressure, you need a tyre gauge. This is attached to the wheel via the valve and will measure pressure either via bar or PSI.

The pressure your tyres need should be stated in the vehicle manual – but if you don’t have this, book a visit with us today and we’ll find out for you, so you know for next time.

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